Friday, February 18, 2011

Park Tavern

Tonight I ate at Park Tavern with Whitney and Cassandra. It was a great atmosphere, a little chilly, but we ate outside with the view of the midtown skyline. I tried the baja California roll and was happily surprised that it was DELICOUS. Quite possibly the best sushi I've had in Atlanta which I didn't expect at all from a restaurant that seemed to randomly add sushi to a pub burger menu. The side salad was also great with just the right amount of ginger dressing and crunchy wonton like pieces. I also had a hot caramel cider type drink that helped the night not be so chilly outside.


  1. is this the live music pub we attempted to find? haha

  2. yes it is, their sushi is delicious too.

  3. Bahaha where we almost DIED after the shooting?